A {Heavenly} Happy Anniversary
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January 01, 2014
By NiCole W. Lynch
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On this day a year ago “my spiritual brother” and friend, Myles Gregory Bryant, married his everlasting love, Dorqulia “Dorcey” Charelle Durant, in a private ceremony held at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC.
   Everything about their wedding experience exuded love, peace, togetherness, and spiritual balance.  As I spent time with both of them as they prepared to meet one another at the altar – it was hard to gage who was the most excited.  On the happiness meter it was, definitely, a tie.  She was all smiles and filled with giggles.  He was in a “pop my collar” zone complete with the usual barrel of laughs.
   As the ceremony began, their guests appeared to have the brightest expressions on their faces as they sat back and took everything in.  However, nothing beats the expression Myles had on his face as Dorcey and her father made their entrance.  His face lit up brighter than a baby seeing Christmas lights for the first time.  It was so delightful to witness how they both beamed even more than usual.  My heart melts thinking back on it now…
   There were so many endearing moments as the ceremony progressed and true to their jovial nature, there were laughs along the way as well.
   A celebratory dinner was hosted at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Uptown immediately following the ceremony.
   In October 2013 our beloved, Myles, passed away – and it is with great admiration and appreciation I say, “Thank you Mrs. Bryant” for allowing me to share a glimpse into the beauty of your eternal love with this post. I love, Love, LOVE you, “Sis!” {{{HUGS}}}    
   Let’s look back on January 1, 2013:



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Natalie Lowe - What a lovely tribute! A true testimony of love. May God continue to poor out His everlasting love and blessings upon this family today and always.
Debbie M - Great wedding photos.
Caroline Thomas - I did have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bryant personally and I love him and his son and wife we joked a lot about Karate I will miss him so much his smile and all. But one thing he did was take care of his family and for that I say Thank you for giving me the pleasure to meet your family .
Bonita Hemphill - I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bryant personally, but from what I've heard about him, that was my loss. My prayers go out to his wife and family here in Charlotte and in Pensacola. It's always sad to lose a loved one, but delight in knowing you have another angel always looking down from heaven. God bless you!
Kelle Freeman - Have no doubt that God allowed you two, to share in some of the most essential & precious times of your lives. My cousin Myles has left this earth but never our thoughts, minds or memories. He left us the love of His life Mrs. Dorcey B. whose exemplified such admiral & phenomenal strength, courage, durability, faith, smiles & love. Happy Heavenly Anniversary The Angel "G" & Mrs. Dorcey Bryant. I love you always